60th Anniversary - Celebrations - A View Of The Students

Wednesday 5th Jun 2013

On the 6thJune 2013 we; six students of the higher vocational school of vocational colleges, city center – were, at 2:30pm, brought together with our class teacher to Düsseldorf Airport. We still do not know what an interesting time is upon us.

At the airport we meet for the first time Mrs. Mill Field, the Mayor of Mülheim, who is part of an official delegation traveling at the invitation of Darlington, and we must support them.
In Darlington we will take part in a youth Congress on catering, more on this later.

After a 75 minute flight, we arrive in the evening at Newcastle and brought in a (taxi) van to Darlington.
Thomas, one of our English companions, informs us immediately that we need to speak English throughout our time here.
We arrived in Darlington, got our room and associated values ​​may establish us.
The hotel is centrally located and we are already excited about what lies ahead.

After an official welcome, we go with the French students to eat Italian. The Polish students and their teachers have to travel by bus and have not yet arrived.
Eating together we notice that the French students speak very little English and communicating with them is difficult.

After breakfast we go on Friday morning to the Dolphin Centre, where English students are already waiting to go to Queen Elizabeth 6thForm College. Again, we are warmly welcomed.

We may try 20 regional specialties, they should rate and comment, from hideous/pudding from fresh pig's blood (black-pudding), to very sweet and to very tasty and more. So far so good.

Now we have the task of shopping for a maximum of 15 British pounds (more than 17 Euros) and a meal to prepare.
We decide to make a Mediterranean salad, write down the ingredients and go in the company of four English schoolgirls to purchase.
But that's not enough, we need to go find an English person who sings the song Happy Birthday to us and the Gangnam style dance routine - in the middle of the market.

At midday we go eat and dance in the Voodoo Cafe Mexican salsa. After lunch we visit the Queen Elizabeth College and cooking against the French and Polish Gastronomy students.
We must deny ourselves for five minutes and have 20 minutes to prepare our salad.

The Polish students are very open-minded way, and speak good English. All three dishes are tried by the principals and a restaurant critic. The result: We are good third party.

Late in the evening we go for tapas and then let our hair down. Even in our official engagement, underage students do not come to a pub - shame!

Saturday morning we initially we spend at leisure in the late morning together on the Victorian market.
For the 150th anniversary, many exhibitors wear traditional clothes of the time and there is a nearly 500kg ox grilled.

In the afternoon we go together to another college where the French and Polish students and their teachers prepare each a bite of the French, German and Polish cuisine.

We help students in the English gastronomy setting of the tables and serve in the evening for about 70 invited guests prepared meals.
After an initial reluctance and nervousness of the night, we found it is exhausting but it also makes a lot of fun.
We even swap addresses with the English students, before spending the evening celebrating with the Polish students.

The only item on the agenda is a visit on Sunday morning for the Race of Life. Women run in South Park a selected distance to draw attention to the problem of cancer, especially breast cancer.
Each participant pays 10 pounds inaugural money that is paid into cancer research. From young girls to old women take over 2000 women on `Race of Life 'part and the participants are all dressed in pink in any way.
After this we will have some free time for us and about 2pm we come to our home.

A great experience - see you!

Report By:
Maxe, Cassy, ​​Marie, Jacqueline, Tijana, Thusiya

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