Amiens Fete dans la Ville

Wednesday 15th Jun 2005

Another visit to the poular Fete dans la Ville with 41 participants travelling on Wednesday via Channel tunnel and returning on following Monday. Photos in gallery show Reception given by Mayor in Hotel de Ville with exchange of gifts, street entertainments including huge puppets, traditional Sunday boat procession from floating gardens, and visits to Lille and Beauvais. Cathedral lit by lasers was a magnificent sight in the evenings, and nightly visits to restaraunts around the harbour were enjoyed by all. A few of the group took the chance to visit Paris, just 50 minutes away by train.


Carol Bradley, Kathleen Bryant, Vin Burgess, Yvonne Carson, John Chapman, Haley Chapman, Rita Chapman, Sandra Dashwood, Judith Evans, Jean Fletcher, Ian Gardner, Dorothy Gilbert, Wilf Gilbert, Liz Greenwood, Brenda Hall, Robert Hall, Ian Hazseldine, Lynn Haszeldine,  Len Howells , Brian Jane, Dennis Jones, Yvonne Jones, Celia McEwan, Charlie McEwan, Gill Nutt, Tom Nutt, Jean Pounder, Joan Rigby, Owen Smith, Judith Moss-Smith, Jean Thurkettle, Michelle True, Kath Vernon, Geoff Walker, Christine Watson, Dave Watson, Pauline Weegram, Peter Weegram, Debbie Wells, Alan Wilson, Fred Wilson.


Report by Tom Nutt  June 2005

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