Dec 2017 - Christmas Market in Muelheim Altstadt

Friday 1st Dec 2017

DTTIA have had a Christmas Market stall in Muelheim Altstadt for the past 6 years, and again this year Nigel Davison and i spent 3 days selling Darlington goods, and speaking with many local people interested in the long standing relationship between our towns. In 16 hours of trading over the 3 days we were completely sold out! 360 jars of jam and chutney, bought from the Darlington indoor market, 60 bottles of ginger wine, 40 Christmas puddings, numerous mince pies and bars of chocolate, all sold before we shut up shop on Sunday evening. We were helped throughout by members of the Muelhaim Association who did all they could to make us extremely welcome. Our customers were people who had visited Darlington, those who were interested in our longstanding links, English people who now lived there and many people who wanted to talk about Brexit of whom nearly all were astonished at the decision to leave. We are already planning for next year.

Report by Tom Nutt



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