Dec 2017 - Mülheim Altstadt Christmas Market

Saturday 28th Nov 2015

Nigel Davison and Tom Nutt along with members of Mülheim TTA had a stall in the annual Christmas market from Friday to Sunday.

They were visited by many people who had been involved in exchanges between our towns and had remarkable sales of products, including 264 jars of Mrs Darlington's jam which is always the most popular item.

Lindisfarne mead and ginger wine also sold well. Tom also had meetings with the new Oberbürgermeister Herr Ulrich Scholter, and with senior officers of the Fire Department. As usual the members from Mülheim laid on a full programme of events including a great final evening meal and gathering in the Mausefalle pub. 

No doubt our Association will be there again next year! 

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