Dec 2018 - Muelheim Altstadt Christmas Market

Saturday 1st Dec 2018

On 26th November Nigel Davison and I flew to Germany for our annual visit to the Christmas Market in Muelheim Altstadt. We spent the first few days visiting other markets in Duisburg and Saarn as well as meeting friends in the town and in the Rathaus. Our first day on the market stall with our friends from the Muelheim Twinning Association was on Friday 30th November, and although the weather forecast was not good, it turned out to be warm with just a little rain. Likewise Saturday and Sunday were not as bad as the forecast and we were visited by many people, German, English and Dutch, the main topic of conversation being Brexit! Not one of them wanted us to leave the EU and hoped we would be there again next year. Business in the past was extremely good, and in 20 hours of trading we sold 360 jars of Mrs Darlington's Jam, 60 bottles of Ginger Wine,30 Christmas Puddings, 60 Mince Pies, Boxes of Yorkshire Tea and other items supplied by our Muelheim friends. Any profits support the funds of our Associations.. On Sunday we were the guests of their Association at the Mausefalle pub where we all enjoyed a great evening.

I flew back on Monday, however Nigel remained for a further week as he had builders renovating his home. He visited Muenster market and enjoyed visiting other places on his bike, which he keeps in Muelheim. We are very grateful to our friends Karl and Ingeborg Schaefer who hosted me for the week, and to Rosmarie and Gunter Scholz who hosted Nigel for his 2 week stay.

Participants:  Gerhard & Cristal Ribbrock, Karl & Ingeborg Schaefer, Rosmarie & Gunter Scholz, Friedhelm Baguette, Manfred & Gisele Krister, Nigel Davison, Tom Nutt.


Report by Tom Nutt.

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