Fencing clubs Mülheim and Darlington

Tuesday 10th Apr 1973

In the 1970's a relationship developed between the Fencing Clubs of Mülheim and Darlington. It is not known why or when this ended, but it would be good to resurrect this as both towns again have such clubs.

We would be delighted to add to this item if anyone has further information.

See photos in gallery which were supplied by Bob Watson and relate to competitions held in both towns during the early 70's.

Known participants:


Jutta Baddenburg, Christa Becker, Heidi borgmann, Heinz Borgmann, Friedheim Deusen, Freidrich Dietz, Ewald Falkenburg, Gabriele Klein, Kurt Kleinert, Wolfgang Lessacher, Heinke Nowack, Gens Nowack, Knut Oetter, Ulrich Rehmund, Ulrich Schaumann, Folke Schmidt, Elfriede Stark, Gert Stark, Peter Stark, Ralf Streiber.


Ted Almond, John Bird,Chris Brockbanks, George Brockbanks, Walter Brockbanks, Debbie Fairney, Keith Glover, Pam Glover, Steve Hammond, Lynn Holmes, May Howlett, Brenda Hull, Gerald Hull, Michael Hull,  Corrine Hutchinson, Bernard Rewcastle, Pat Snaith, Ray Snaith Martin Thompson, Betty Watson, Bob Watson, Bob Wilson.


Report by Tom Nutt

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