Fete Dans la Ville Trip

Thursday 31st May 2007

We stayed at the Hotel Ibis in the Town Centre, and on the first day, and on the first day were given a Reception by the Mayor, followed by the Drummers performing on the Town Hall steps for the local dignitaries and citizens.

They were also invited to perform in three local schools, including their link school Fouilloy, and expressed delight at the reaction of their audiences. As one of the young players said - "We were made to feel like stars".
The Fete was - as usual - tremndous and included the highlights of the laster illuminated Cathedral, and the Sunday morning procession of boats with produce from the water gardens, all participants being in traditional dress.

We also visited the War Museums at Albert, Arras and Thiepval, and had a day trip to the Bay of the Somme - visiting the resorts of Le Treport, Le Cretoy and St. Valery - the latter being the departure point of William the Conqueror''s invasion fleet.


Hugh Adams, Judith Atkinson, Dean Alderson, Natalie Bates, Katie Beaumont, Vin Burgess, Yvonne Carson,Thomas Charlton, Paige Cooper, Helen Crumbie, Ann Cummings, Joe Cummings,Sandra Dashwood, Steve Firth, Michael Foster, Carole Frank, Liz Greenwood, Rob Kitchen, Charne Lewis, Rebecca Longstaffe, Celia McEwan, Charlie McEWan, Abigail Moseley, Jim Montague, Thomas Mulgrew, Sarah Mulgrew, Gill Nutt, Janice Nutt, JIm Nutt, Tom Nutt, Luci Purves, Owen Smith, Kelly Ann Stein, Robin Stein, Di Teasdale, Rosi Thornton, Jean Thurkettle, Kath Vernon, Margaret Vassallo, Alan Wilson.

Report by Tom Nutt

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