International Conference at Carmel College

Monday 10th Nov 2014

Carmel hosted an International Conference  involving students and teachers from Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Spain and England. This was the latest event in a Comenius project entitled, "Make a Difference - in Your Community", involving eight European schools. At the Conference students presented their research findings on social issues in their towns and cities. These included food banks, homelessness, unemployment, drug issues, alcoholism,poverty and refugees. Workshops during the week included international cookery on a budget, creating a musical landscape on social issues, writing a magazine and making a video documentary. Fun events were also enjoyed such as an English tea afternoon, a day in Durham, a pig racing night and an international quiz. The students stayed with host families and some lifelong friendships were formed. The next Conference is in Dzierzoniow in Poland and will involve students performing a musical concert in aid of the socially disadvantaged, in March 2015.

Courtesy of Carmel Newsletter.

Photos to follow.

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