June 2016 - Nigel to Muelheim

Wednesday 17th Aug 2016

The day after the referendum Tom called me and said, "Nigel you must get over to Mülheim as soon as possible and apologise for Brexit!" So I prepared my bike and packed a few things. I decided to cycle from Europort and follow the Rhein to Arhnem before heading south to Emmerich and Duisburg to follow the Ruhr for the last part of my journey to Mülheim. I arrived in Mülheim just in time for their monthly town twinning meeting. We discussed the outcome of the referendum and of course how disappointed we all were. We agreed that despite the outcome we would continue to have many future joint activities, namely Adventsmarkt in November and the Mülheim citizens trip to Darrlington in 2017. I was also able to raise £700 for the charity Spirit Buses which provides a lifeline for residents in North Northumberland.

Report by Nigel Davison.



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