June 2017 - Carmel visit Gustav Heinemann school, Muelheim

Tuesday 20th Jun 2017

Fifteen year 8 pupils spent a week in Germany working in collaboration with pupils from Gustav- Heinmann school in Muelheim. They were involved with the "Plastic Pirates" Project which is funded by the Federal government, to look at pollution issues in German waterways. Muelheim teachers Henning Moyzio and Volker Smit led the project, where most of their investigation work was carried out next to the River Ruhr  and the results analyzed in the laboratories of the River Ruhr Museum and in the school. The findings were then uploaded to the goverment database. The pupils were accompanied on the project by Miss Hardcastle and Mr Hannaford, where, they also enjoyed excursions to Cologne and Oberhausen. There are plans to continue the project with a partnership between the Science departments of both schools.

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