Mayoral Visit To Amiens

Tuesday 21st Jun 2011

On Saturday 18 June Darlington Mayor, Lee Vasey, laid a wreath of poppies at the Monument aux morts during an official Commemoration ceremony, and this was followed by an official Reception at the Town Hall, where the delegation met many people who had been involved in twinning links. Late afternoon the delegation went to the English Quarter of Amiens where they had tea during a street party in Avenue Londres, and were able to talk with local people and see English entertainers who had been selected to perform at the Fete. Following this a visit was arranged to the house of Jules Verne, a wonderful place and a great attraction for visitors.
Sunday's highlight was the procession of boats down the river Somme from the "Hortinollages", (floating gardens), - the boats are filled with produce from the garden/allotments, and the local owners and their families dress in traditional costume for the procession. Mayor's Demailly and Vasey were in the official boat and seemed thoroughly delighted by the response of the huge crowd.
During discussions parties from both towns showed a keeness to improve our partnership by having more exchanges which would involve educational, cultural, sporting and other events.
Any educational establishment, club or association interested can contact DTTIA by Email or


Mayor Lee Vasey, Bill Dixon, Leader of Council, Tom Nutt, Chair Town Twinning & International Association, Murray Rose, Education Director.

Report by Tom Nutt

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