Mülheim 200 Town Charter Anniversary

Tuesday 16th Sep 2008

Part of a very busy year's exchanges was a visit by DTTA members to Mülheim in 2008 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mülheim's Town charter given by Napoleon in February 1808.

As well as joining in local Ruhrlights celebrations each evening after an initial Reception given by Oberbergermeisterin Muehlenfeld, visits were made to Duesseldorf for the obligatory Friday night pub crawl, to Wuppertal with it's fantastic 120 year old overhead railway and to nearby Castle Burg and Mungstner Bridge, to Kettwig by boat, to the Dampfbier Brauerei in Essen,  to Villa Huegel, and to Big O and the industrial museum in Oberhausen. We also visited Camera Obscura and Landschaftspark - Nord in Duisburg. Lots to do!

We also had a great day cycling along the Ruhr and canals with our friends from Mülheim and Tours.

Report by Tom Nutt


Hugh Adams, Dave Copeland, Veronica Copeland, Jean Copeland, Ann Cummings, Sandra Dashwood, Ted Hart, Liz Hart, Isobel Hartley, Bob Hattersley, Jean Hattersley, Harry Lester, Stuart Lester, Len Howells, Celia McEwan, Charlie McEwan, Gill Nutt, Janice Nutt, Jim Nutt, Tom Nutt, Alan Robinson, Ann Ryder, Dave Scott, Val Scott, Kath Vernon, Jean Walls, Dave Watson, Christine Watson, Pauline Weegram, Peter Weegram, Alan Wilson.

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