Mülheim Altstadt Christmas Market 2014

Tuesday 25th Nov 2014

For the 5th year running our Association sent Jam, christmas puddings, ginger wine, chocolates and other items for sale in the Altstadt Christmas Market. Over 3 days they sold everything incuding 250 jars of Jam. They were ably assisted by the Mülheim Twinning Association (Foerderverein), and besides selling on the market made visits to Cologne, Dusseldorf, Duisburg and Hattingen. They also had an evening with hosts Margo and Eberhard, the latter playing his guitar to accompany all in singing- songsheets provided! On Saturday evening they were hosted by Fellerband at their farm, Biohof Felchner. At both of these events excellent food with local beer was provided. Great event.

Another succesful event and we now look forward to doing the same next year.


Darlington  -  Ann Rider  Rachel James  Nigel Davison  Alan Lenham  Steve Armstrong  Tom Nutt.

Mülheim   -  Manfred and Giselle Krister   Karl and Ingeborg Schaefer  Ursula Ritter  Ingrid Zimmermann  Beate and Hermann Kamleiter  Dieter Steinburg  Margot and Eberhard Waldow  Heidrun Friebel

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