Mülheim visit Darlington Christingle Market

Wednesday 26th Nov 2008

Very early Wednesday, 6 members of Mülheim TTA set off with their van loaded with goods for the Xmas Christingle market to be held in Darlington the next day. They drove to Calais, crossed to Dover and then up to Darlington. They were hosted by members of our TTA and on the Wednesday evening all gathered at our house and made Xmas candle wreaths and other items for their stall.  The market was held from noon to 8pm on the Thursday, and they did a roaring trade, especilly with their sausages and Glúhwein. Even the Mayor Ian Heszeldine turned up in his full regalia, and spent an hour helping and joining in the fun.

Our friends stayed until Saturday and we had nights out at Foffanos and Reema which members of both TTAs really enjoyed, and also visited Durham Castle where we were given a tour by Eva Schumaker-Reid. A very successful 4 day visit.

Report by Tom Nutt

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