Sept - 2023 70th Anniversary in Muelheim

Wednesday 23rd Aug 2023

9 members of our Association and 4 civic guests were invited to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our links by our friends in Muelheim. The hospitality was overwhelming and there is no doubt that the relationships between our towns is as great as ever. Events included river trip on the Ruhr to its confluence with the Rhein which was a wonderful evening wit our friends from their Twinning Association, visits to Darlington Park and Camera Obscura,Visit to Oberhausen Gasometer exhibition "the Vulnerable Paradise", a wonderful exhibition of our partnership history, and a tour of iconic buildings in the town. Sunday evening was a Reception with the Oberbuergermeister at the Caruso Restaurant in the Stadthalle. A discussion was held on the way forward for our future together, presents were exchanged, and everyone enjoyed the hospitality and Entertainment.
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