Swaziland teenagers visit Darlington

Monday 19th Jan 2015

Teenagers frm Swaziland saw snow for the first time during a visit to our town, the purpose of their visit being to learn how british youngsters avoid contacting aids. Three youngsters and their teacher travelled from the Good Shepherd High School in Siteki in a trip organised by Sue Davison from  local charity Raid. Their mission was to learn as much as possible about sexual health and education in Englend and take this knowledge back home. More than 60% of pupils at thir school are orphans, left without one or both parents as a result of Aids or poverty. Henson Nxumalo, 18, chairman of the school's health club said,"in our country 56 % of people are infected. Children are becoming orphans and it has a negative impact on us. When I get back I can make a difference by tring to stop young people becoming infected and encouraging them to go to university. We need to be educated"

They visited the Town Hall on Friday and met the Mayor and Mayoress, Gerald and Ruth Lee, and the cairman of DTTIA. Pictured in the gallery photo at the Town Hall are Henson Nxumalo, Glan Matsenjwa, Straight Matsenjwa and teacher Lindiwie Ntull, along with friends from Darlington.

During there time here they stayed at The Blackwell Grange Hotel, a treat organised by Raid.

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