Work Experience In Darlington

Monday 1st Jul 2013

Summer 2013 - I went to Darlington to make a work experience and improve my english for three weeks.

On the 1st of July I flew to Leeds Bradford and was picked up by a taxi and brought to my host family. On the next day I got to know all family members - Mum, Dad, and two little children aged 2 and 4 - and also a girl from Kasachstan, who stayed at my family for three weeks, too.

On this day started my work experience as well. This week I worked in the Dolphin Centre. At first I talked to one of the managers, who explained to me what different areas you can find in the Dolphin Centre and that I will see all of them during my week there.

So I worked in the gym, the soft play, at the pool side and dry sports. All members of staff were very friendly and showed me what they do during their day of work and in all areas I had a chance to help them.

In my second week in Darlington I did my work experience in the Darlington Building Society. I was shown all actions of the Building Society, for example withdrawels, pay in‘s or make out of cheques. When I sat next to one of the employees, they explained me what they have to do and what this is good for and wherever it was possible, I helped them, for example counting money, scan papers or sum up all cheques. I had a very nice time there,  customers were very friendly and all colleagues integrated me in their team.

In the third week I‘ve been to the Dolphin Centre again. Another time I saw all the different areas and worked with different people. On one day I helped to prepare the Sports Hall for a sports presentation in the evening. The floor had to be covered with carpet and besides the stage we had to bring tables and chairs in the Hall.

Additional to the areas I‘ve seen in my first week, I have also seen the Office, Management and Reception which I liked very much.

But my stay in Darlington wasn‘t just the work experience. I spent time with my host family and their friends and got to know the british culture and british food. On the weekends I visited Durham, Newcastle and York. This are lovely cities around Darlington in old british style.

In the end I can say that my time in Darlington was very nice. I like the british people and their way of living and learned a lot about the british culture and had a great chance to improve my english.

Report By: Vanessa Dümpel

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