Mülheim Factfile

1950s Factfile - These are the known events that occured between the twin towns of Darlington and Mülheim an der Ruhr in the 1950's
1953 - Mr G.N.S. Nicholson, British Representative for the State of Nordrhein Westphalia, and later Town Clerk of Darlingotn, implements partnership between the towns reasoning that "Both towns have many similarities in structure and economics"
July 1952 - Miss Storer (Darlington youth leader) visits Mülheim to prepare youth exchange.
August 1953 - Darlington youth group visit Mülheim and are home hosted.
August 1953 - Youth group of 30 from Mülheim on return exchange visit and are home hosted.
August 1954 - Similar exchanges as to previous year.
August 1956 - Similar exchanges involving 20 young people from each town.
April 1957 - First Civic visit from Darlington to Mülheim led by Mayor Buckborough.
April 1958 - First Civic visit from Mülheim to Darlington.
August 1958 - 30 Members of Darlington Railway Orchestra play in Mülheim.
August 1959 - 20 Young people visit Mülheim.

1960s Factfile - These are the known events that occured between the twin towns of Darlington and Mülheim an der Ruhr in the 1960's
April 1960 - Mülheim pianist Karl Werner Roeber plays at Teacher training College as guest of Darlington Music Club & International Society.
May 1960 - 20 strong Mülheim football team play in Darlington.
June 1960 - 22 Mülheim schoolchildren visit Darlington.
June 1960 - 100 members of Darlington Jubilee Jazzband at Mülheim Carnival.
May 1961 - Civic visit to Mülheim
May 1964 - 3 Councillors from Darlington are guests of Mülheim during the German-Brisith Congress held in nearby Duisburg.
March 1965 - Civic visit to Darlington by 5 member delegation from Mülheim.
October 1967 - Visit by Mülheim delegation to Darlington Borough Centenary Charter celebrations, granted by Queen Victoria on September 13th 1967.
April 1968 - 10 strong delegation visit Mülheim.

1970s Factfile - These are the known events that occured between the twin towns of Darlington and Mülheim an der Ruhr in the 1970's
February 1970 - Reciprocal exchanges of Police Personnel.
July-September 1971 - Dieter Otto and Wolfgang Gross have work experience in Darlington.
September 1971 - 13 Apprentices from Rheinstahl Giesserei AG on study visit to Darlington.
October 1971 - Delegation visit Mülheim whilst at a German-British partnership congress in Muenster.
August 1972 - 14 New recruits and 3 escorts from Mülheim municipality visit Darlington to study organisation and workings of Darlington council.
April 1973 - Reciprocal exchanges between Fencing Clubs.
November/December 1963 - Darlington Photo Exhibition in Foyer of Mülheim Rathaus.
March 1974 - Mülheim delegation visit Darlington and Durham to discuss council structures.
August 1974 - Members of Mülheim SPD visit Darlington gor political discussion and knowledge gathering.
September 1974 - 15 Young Council Officials (under 25) with 3 Seniors visit Mülheim to discuss problems and solutions within municipalities.
October 1974 - Darlington & District British Railways discussion group (16 males and 22 females) visit Mülheim, alongside 20 members of Darlington Youth Theatre who performed a documentary play - "The 1825 Show", about the first passenger railway journey between Stockton and Darlington.
August 1975 - Visit of Mülheim dignitaries to the 150 year Locomotion Jubilee.
August 1975 - Mülheim Amateur Radio Club link up with their counterparts to celebrate 150 year Locomotion Jubilee.
April 1976 - 13 Students from Mülheim's Duempten school visit Darlington.
April 1977 - Mülheim Fencing Club Visit Darlington.
June 1977 - Official delegation from Mülheim invited for Queen's Silver Jubilee Celebrations.
June 1977 - Moelm'sche Houltkoepp carnical group perform in Darlington.
September 1977 - Darlington National Council of Women visit Mülheimer Frauenring.
August 1978 - Official delegation plus 25 members of Darlington Youth Big band visit Mülheim for 25 year twinning celebrations.
September 1978 - Mülheim SPD Councillors visit Darlington.
April 1979 - First Mülheim citizens visit Darlington accompanied by Lord Mayor Dieter aus dem Siepen.
May 1979 - Rotary Club of Darlington visit Mülheim Rotary Club.
June-August 1979 - 3 Darlington Students have work experience with Firma Schmidt-Scholl in Mülheim.

1980s Factfile - These are the known events that occured between the twin towns of Darlington and Mülheim an der Ruhr in the 1980's
March 1980 - Mülheim Citizens visit Darlington.
October 1980 - Association of disabled war pensioners visit Darlington.
April 1981 - Group from Royal Naval Association visit Mülheim.
October 1981 - Students from Darlington visit Karl-Ziegler secondary school.
March 1982 - Congratuations from Mülheim on Darlington being awarded the honourary flag of the Council of Europe.
April 1982 - Exchanges between hospitals.
June 1982 - 10 Members of Mülheim Blind Association visit partner association in Darlington.
February 1983 - Delegation from Darlington in Mülheim to celebrate 175th anniversary of Mülheim Town Charter presented by Napoleon in 1808.
April 1983 - 36 athletes from Mülheim visit for opening of Dolphin Centre and take part in competitions.
June 1983 - 30 Blind and Partially Sighted members of the Darlington Association are guests of Mülheim Association of War Blind.
October 1983 - 37 Darlington pupils visit Mülheim secondary schools - Karl-Ziegler, Heissen, Broich and Gustav Heinemann.
March 1984 - Group of 30 Darlington Citizens visit Mülheim.
May 1985 - Councillors from Mülheim visit Darlington to give thanks for the 40th Anniversary of the end of World War Two.
June 1986 - 30 Mülheim pupils visit Darlington Carnival.
September 1987 - 35 Members of Darlington Music Makers childrens choir gave 2 concerts in Mülheim.
February 1988 - Exchanges between members of NALGO and Mülheim unions.
September 1989 - 41 Members of Darlington Royal Naval Association guests of VdK Mülheim.

1990s Factfile - These are the known events that occured between the twin towns of Darlington and Mülheim an der Ruhr in the 1990's
August 1990 - 1.3 Kilometer round trip by 12 Darlington Cyclists to Mülheim as guests to Mülheimer Sturmvogel cycling club.
August 1990 - Darlington delegation and folk group visit Mülheim for celebrations of Council of Europe award to the town.
September 1990 - Mülheim Rockband, The Linesmen perform in the market square during Darlington's European week highlighting the Single European Market.
October 1990 - Darlington Aquarian Association visit partners in Mülheim.
February 1991 - 43 Darlington pupils alongside their teachers visit commercial schools in Mülheim. A second group of over 50 students from Darlington College of Technology (students of Commerce, Design and Media Studies) followed later in the month.
May 1991 - Visit of 14 strong Mülheim women's group Deutschen Frauenring to partners Darlington International Council of Women.
October 1991 - Visit of Darlington staff to Mülheim to collaborate in preparations for Twin Town MueGa garden project, including Darlington Park.
April 1992 - Official delegation from Darlington invited to the opening of Landesgartenschau MueGa in Mülheim.
June 1992 -  Citizens group of 44 visit to Mülheim.
August 1992 - Rockband, Fallen World and 13 members of Darlington  Actionstage musicians visit Mülheim.
September 1992 - 44 members of VdK Mülheim visit their partners Darlington Royal Naval Association.  
May 1993 - 27 members of Buck Inn Sadberge play in Mülheim tournament.
August 1993 - 14 members of Darlington college of Technology visit Siemens Mülheim.
October 1993 - Official delegation from Mülheim including Oberburgermeisterin Elleonore Gullenstern visit Darlington for celebration of 40th anniversary of twinning links. She signed a new charter, as did the Deputy Mayor of Amiens Jean-Claude Cousins, and Darlington Mayor Tony Richmond.  A time capsule recording life in 1993 was buried under the newly replaced Market Cross which now bears Town Twinning inscriptions.
January 1994 - 3 doctors from Mülheim Ev Hospitals Visit British Medical Association in Darlington.
April 1994 - Darlington town planners visit Mülheim for exchange of ideas.
May 1994 - Mayor Tony Richmond and his wife visit Mülheim for the opening of the British Connection Exhibition by Duke of Kent and President Johannes Rau.
October 1904 - 15 members of Mülheim Youth club Courage visit Darlington partners Youth against Racism.
May 1995 - Visit of 2 strong delegation to Mülheim for 50th anniversary of end of World War Two.
July 1995 - 20 members DPSG ST. Barbara visit Darlington Scout Group.
June 1996 - 4 members of Mülheim Amateur Radio Club visit Darlington and District Amateur Radio Club.
October 1996 - 17 members of Darlington Ju Jitsu and Judo club visit Mülheimer Sportverein Takeda e.V. for  an International Tournament.
March 1997 - Darlington Puppettheatre performed in Mülheim Stadthalle during Puppetheatre week.
August 1997 - Youth conference in Mülheim on Enviroment and Ecology attended by 6 Darlington young people.
September 1997 - Visit to Longfield School by 10 students and 2 teachers from Otto-Pankok Schule.
September 1997 - 15 students and 2 teachers from Gustav-Heinemann Schule visit Carmel School.
February 1998 - Visit of 20 trainees from Berufskollege Kluse to Darlington College of Technology.
June 1998 - Darlington band Ethan take part in Voll die Ruhr International music festival in Mülheim.
June 1998 - Mayor Pat Buttle, Cllr David Lyonette, Chief Executive Barry Keel and Hilda Lennon visit Mülheim for 45th Anniversary of twinning links.
May 1999 - Pupils from Gustav-Heinemann  and Carmel school attend youth conference at our cousin school Kuusankoski Voikkaan in Finland on the theme of industrialisation.
June 1999 - 30 citizens from Mülheim visit Darlington TTA.
September 1999 - 27 students and teacher from  Broich secondary school visit partner school Hummersnott.
November 1999 - 5 teachers from Darlington and Kuusankoski, Finland visit Gustav-Heinemann on European teaching project.    

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